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CE Approved List

The following continuing education programs have been approved by the Board’s Continuing Education Committee.

The board recognizes three (3) types of continuing education providers: Certified, Preferred & Self Study. You may submit only ten (10) hours for Self Study. There are no restrictions on the number of hours you may submit from a Certified or Preferred Provider, except that only ten (10) hours of SS/dl/webinar hours are accepted, regardless of provider status.

"Self Study" is identified by the BELTSS approval numbers with the letters "SS" (e.g. 99999-SS-99)

 Please Note: The Board will also accept continuing education courses approved by the National Association of Boards of Examiners of Long-Term Care Administrators (NAB). To verify whether a course has been approved by NAB, please call them at (202) 712-9040 or visit their Web site at

The Board will accept ten (10) hours of home study programs per renewal period. Home study must be approved by NAB or BELTSS.  This includes any program conducted outside a traditional classroom setting, including distance learning and webinars.

NOTE: NAB approved courses are identified with "in" or "dl"

in = in class; the continuing education course occurs in a classroom setting. There is no limit to number of hours accepted.

dl = distance learning; the continuing education course is the same as webinar, self-study, or on-line type courses. Only (10) hours of this type are accepted.

Remember . . . All courses listed are subject to change. It is recommended that you contact the provider in advance to verify whether a course has been changed or canceled.