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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Licensure



  1. What are the minimum educational requirements to obtain a license in Ohio?
    Since January 1, 1980, all candidates for licensure must possess at least a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university.


  2. I am a licensed nursing home administrator in another state. Can I get a license in Ohio?
    An applicant can be licensed by endorsement/reciprocity from another state provided that a) a valid license in nursing home administration is currently held, and b) the applicant’s qualifications and testing were substantially equivalent to Ohio’s standards at the time of licensure.

  4. If I am a licensed nursing home administrator from another state, do I have to take another examination to become licensed in Ohio?
    Yes, all candidates must pass the Ohio section of the examination, which is based primarily on the Nursing Home Law and Rules.

  6. Can I practice as a nursing home administrator or assistant administrator before I am actually licensed in Ohio?
    No. However, an applicant pending licensure may work in another capacity in the facility as long as a licensed Ohio nursing home administrator is present at least part of the time.

    It is important to note that the law prohibits you from using the title "Nursing Home Administrator" or NHA after your name, or using any words, letters, sign, card, or device tending to indicate or to imply that you are a licensed and registered NHA unless you actually are one. This means you cannot be the "Assistant Administrator" or even the "Executive Director" if that person's responsibilities meet the definition of "Nursing Home Administrator" as defined in 4751.01(B) and 4751-1-02.

  8. If a reciprocity candidate does not meet Ohio’s minimum experience, is there still a way to become licensed?
    Yes. The board, after evaluating the candidate’s qualifications, may require an Administrator-in-Training internship to be completed, and/or additional educational courses be completed before the candidate will be approved for examination.

  10. Can a temporary license be used for candidates who are licensed in another state and pending licensure in Ohio?
    The Ohio board uses the temporary license primarily for medical emergencies where the licensed nursing home administrator is unable to work due to a serious health problem. Usually, the operator of the facility requests the license for an existing employee of the nursing home.