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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Enforcement

  1. Can bad surveys affect my license?
    Yes, the Ohio Department of Health is required by law to notify the board any time substandard care exists at a facility where you are practicing as a nursing home administrator. Two (2) notifications within a 30 month period may warrant a visit by the board’s investigator, and a third notification within a 30 month period could result in disciplinary action.

  2. Will a potential employer be aware of any substandard care surveys in my record?
    It is possible. Substandard surveys are considered part of the public record and the board is required to release any information upon request that is part of the public record.

  3. Am I required to notify the board upon any change in employment or my residential mailing address?
    Yes, you are required to notify the board within ten (10) days after any change in employment or residential mailing address.

  4. What are my rights as a nursing home administrator if the board proposes to suspend or revoke my license?
    Pursuant to Section 119.07 of the Ohio Revised Code, you have the right to a hearing if you request one within thirty (30) days of the date of mailing of the notification for opportunity for a hearing. At such hearing, you may appear in person or by your attorney or you may present your position, arguments, or contentions in writing. Furthermore, at such hearing you may present evidence and examine witnesses appearing for and against you.